"Aerodynamics For Naval Aviators",  FAA.                 Get through the math and this is the bible for how aircraft fly.

"The Sound Of Wings",  Mary S. Lovell.                       The life of Amelia Earhart.

"Kill Devil Hill",  Larry Combs.                                       How the Wright brothers succeeded in solving the problems of powered flight.

"The Spirit of St. Louis",  Charles A. Lindbergh.          Chronicles Lindbergh's famous flight, and also tells the story of his early life.

“West with the Night”,  Beryl Markham.                        A pilot's memoir of a life well lived. Includes a lot of flying in Africa.

“Fate is the Hunter”,  Ernest K. Gann.                           Autobiographical, although reads like an adventure novel of a lifetime spent flying.

“Island in the Sky”,  Ernest K. Gann.                             An account of the events following the forced landing of an aircraft near Labrador.

“Wind, Sand and Stars”,  Antoine de Saint-Exupery.   Perhaps one of the loveliest works ever written about flying.

“Night Flight”,  Antoine de Saint-Exupery.                    The early days of air-mail flying in Argentina.

“Stranger to the Ground”,  Richard Bach.                     Flying alone, an Air National  Guard pilot crosses Europe on a stormy night.

“Nothing by Chance”,  Richard Bach.                            An account of a summer spent trying to recreate the 1920's 'flying circus'  days of aviation.   

“Biplane”,  Richard Bach.                                               Across America in an antique biplane.

"North Star Over my Shoulder",  Capt. Bob Buck.      A pilot's memoir of a lifetime spent in the sky.

"Weather Flying", Capt. Bob Buck.                               A pilot's perspective of flying through fronts, thunderstorms, and icing encounters.      

"A Pirate Looks At Fifty",  Jimmy Buffet.                      Bopping around the Caribbean in a Grumman Albatross seaplane.

"Zero 3 Bravo",  Mariana Gosnell                                  Across America, solo in a taildragger.

"The Cannibal Queen",  Stephen Coonts.                    A father and his teenage son journey across America in a 1942 Stearman open cockpit biplane.

"Beyond The Blue Horizon",  Alexander Frater.          From London to Australia, following the tracks of "Imperial Airways" in the 1930's.