Great FBOs
What's an FBO ?    >>>>
In the aviation industry, a fixed base operator (FBO) is a service center at an
airport that may be a private enterprise or may be a department of the
municipality that the airport serves.

The term is originally North American, but it is becoming more common in
Europe and the UK.

At a minimum, most FBOs offer aircraft fuel, oil, and parking, along with access
to washrooms and telephones. Some FBOs offer additional aircraft services
such as hangar (indoor) storage, maintenance, aircraft charter or rental, flight
training, deicing, and ground services such as towing and baggage handling.

FBOs may also offer services not directly related to the aircraft, such as rental
cars, lounges, and hotel reservations.
There are roughly 5,245 FBOs in the United States. Many FBOs are operated as franchises or
members of a chain. FBO chains common in the United States include SheltAir Aviation Services,
Signature Flight Support, Million Air, Atlantic Aviation, Atlas Aviation, Cutter Aviation, Landmark
Aviation, TACAir, Trajen and UVglobal Network.
Sometimes we need maintenance.
We always need fuel.
We need coffee!
Pilots are needy people.
So where does all this stuff come from ?
And sometimes just a place to sit and regroup for a while.
What happens after we land ?
"Special Mention" to the countless FBO personnel who have driven flight crews to hotels at 2AM;
worked graveyard shifts  to pump fuel for pre-dawn departures; hustled to move our aircraft under
cover when bad weather hit; brought coffee, newspapers, ice and even cookies for our passengers
without being asked; especially too the long-suffering aircraft mechanics who've effected complex
repairs quickly; in short the FBO support personnel who are the backbone of the pilot's livelihood.
Here are some of the really good FBO's that have helped
me with exceptional service, attitude and friendliness
over the years:

Boca Raton, FL                          Avitat
Boone County, AR                     Harrison Jet Center

Carlsbad, CA                              Western Flight Services
Colorado Springs, CO               Cutter Aviation

Easton, MD                                 Easton Jet Services
Elmira, NY                                  Atlantic

Fairbanks, AK                            Alaska Aero Fuel
Fort Lauderdale (FLL), FL        SheltAir Aviation
Fort Lauderdale (FXE), FL        Banyan

Islip, NY                                      New York Jet

La Crosse, WI                             Colgan Air
Little Rock, AR                           Central Flying Service

New Orleans (NEW), LA            Million Air

Oakland, CA                               KaiserAir
Orlando, FL                                Showwalter Flight Service

Salt Lake City, UT                      Million Air
Sarasota, FL                               Dolphin Aviation
Stafford, VA                                Stafford FBO
Sturgeon Bay, WI                       Orion Flight Services

Teterboro, NJ                             Meridian

Youngstown, OH                       Winner Aviation
Morris Municipal Airport,   Morris, Illinois.
5000 foot runway, friendly folks, inexpensive fuel.

Thanks for taking such good care of us Bill & Jeff!