"Good friends we have, oh good friends we've lost,  Along the way ..."
                                                              Bob Marley,  "No Woman No Cry".
Passenger "Pops the question".  She accepted!
                                  Over Niagara Falls,  7/2007.

(Extremely important to fly smoothly in this situation so as to ensure
the ring does not get dropped).
Maryland, fall 2007.
Sam and Capt. John Cutcher, USN Ret.
Sam's first checkride as a pilot - passed!

Sam and Capt. Bob Kuehnle (US Airways, Ret.)
Bob - a wonderful mentor, has an encyclopedic
knowledge of aviation and just an all round gentleman.
Camp Bastion,  Afghanistan,  2/2008.
Linda and Sam (the explosive-sniffing dog)

Sam had little interest in guns, but much interest in any cookies we had on board.

Far right - Rafi, our driver/translator.
Second from right - helpful ANA guard.
Center and far left - Rafi's friends, helping out with transport for the day
(Toyota Corolla, ubiquitous to Afghanistan).

Second from left - me.

Judge William Connelly, presiding.  My US Naturalization ceremony.
CAE SimuFlite,  Dallas 11/2006.

Dan (left) my simulator partner, and Bill Halden, Instructor-Pilot.   
Sadly Bill is now gone.  
He was talking about trading in his Harley for a trike...   
Jack Brown's Sea Plane Base,  Winter Haven FL, 3/2007.

John gives the "big thumbs up" having successfully passed
his seaplane checkride.
"Aqua Nightclub",  Key West FL, summer 2008.
Left-to-right: Sassy,  Colby,  Inga (Show Director),  Faith,  Victoria.
Wonderfully self-confident and absolutely not a "drag" to be with.
Winner Aviation, Youngstown OH, 4/2005.
Jeff, crack aircraft mechanic, monitoring our
new Garrett engines on the Mitsubishi MU-2.
Crack sailor then, later to become Captain of his varsity sailing team.
My flight crew, San Antonio, TX 9-11-2008.
L to R: Harvey, Tony, Ken.

Hurricane "Ike" disaster relief.
Joel (Captain) & Rose.  New Orleans, 9/2008.
Rose - mechanical "bull rider" at the Bourbon Cowboy bar;
infinite enthusiasm for her athletic profession.
Kristin, Key West, summer 2008.
(90 miles to Cuba from here, Havana Daydreaming).
Girl can find joy in the simplest things!
"Irish" and Amy running our ground transportation/hotel
accommodations with verve, patience and unflagging humor.
                         Hurricane "Ike" disaster relief, Texas 9/2008
My flight crew, Gloucester, MA 10/2008.
L to R:   Lonnie, Jackie, Joe (Capt.)
Again displaying competence and calm, Tina
impersonates a celebrity  travelling incognito.....
Micheline (RN) and Jennifer (RT).  On the road with my crew, New York City 11/2008.
New York City, 11/2008.
L to R:   Micheline, me, Jennifer, Steve (Capt.)
With Co-Captain Joe and Sarah (RN). Tampa Bay "Gasparilla" Pirate Festival, 1/2009.
Harvey and his alligator.
Joel.  Mission Beach, California, 5/2009.
Jennifer & Sarah, Mission Beach California, 5/2009.
Jennifer.  Golden Gate, San Francisco.  5/2009.
With Jennifer.  Note "Fun Meter" badge set on high.
Tortola,  BVI.  
"Marina Key", 1/2010.
Tortola, BVI.  1/2010
Beef Island dock (2 minutes walk to airport).
Celebrating a glorious chaotic year of hopping around the Americas and the Caribbean.
Micheline (RN) and Jennifer (RT).
The "Air-Ambulance Survivor's Club Reunion",  Florida, 2/2010.
LtoR:  Me,  Marcus (ace chopstick drummer),  Rob, (ATP, Captain)
The "Air-Ambulance Survivor's Club Reunion",  Florida, 2/2010.
Mr. Micheline, and Mike (RT).
The "Air-Ambulance Survivor's Club Reunion",  Florida, 2/2010.
Rob and Jennifer.  Long may you run!
The "Air-Ambulance Survivor's Club Reunion",  Florida, 2/2010.
Air Ambulance life.
Dead-heading somewhere (St Kitts maybe), 2008.
Sandy, London 6/2009.
Sam and boat, 11/2009.
LtoR:  Pat, me, Kate.  
             MD 3/2010.
Captain Joe.
Tortola, British Virgin Islands. 2/2010.
Rusty and Leigh.
Tortola, BVI, 2/2010.
Jim Keeling (left), Instructor.
Jim Bauer (sim partner).

Falcon 10 recurrent training.                    
CAE SimuFlite, Dallas 3/2010.
L-to-R: Kate (First Mate), unknown, Shawn (Captain).
                                  British Virgin Islands, 3/2010
Sam and Anne.  Florida, 5/2010.
Halloween, 2010
Trimming the tree, 12/2010.
With Captain Rob.  Florida 1/2011
Nancy, Greg and Sundance.  
  Florida, Christmas 2010.
Gasparilla Pirate Festival 2011.
                            (Tampa, FL).
Treasure.  Gasparilla 2011.
Brady (PIC Initial) & Gastone Rossato (Instructor).
Falcon 10 recurrent training.    
                                CAE SimuFlite, Dallas 4/2011
July 4th, 2011
with  Sheryl, Nancy, Greg, and Bob.
Joe & Shar.
Christmas, 2011.
Nancy & Greg
With Jon.  Lunenburg,  Nova Scotia,  6/2012
Anne and piper.
Dalhousie Castle,   Scotland 6/2012.
Gasparilla 2013.   
With Rusty and Joe.
Bomba's Shack,  Tortola  2/2010.
MD, 2010
Happy Puppy.
MD,  9/2014
With Tina, ex-homicide detective turned flight medic.
Just a wonderful crew-member to have on board.  
                                                 New Orleans,  9/2008
Marcus continues to drum.
The "Air-Ambulance Survivors Club Reunion",  Florida, 2/2010
Travels with "Flat Stanley" and Brady.  Caribbean,  2/2011
The "Air-Ambulance Survivors Club Reunion".
                                                    Florida,  8/2014
Sam,  Bermuda.  6/2014
Sandy and Sam.  Switzerland
Andy with Katie The Dog.
                 Summer 2014
Sally and Andy,  Grand Canyon.
Fire Control.
Titan Missile Museum.
                  Sahuarita, Arizona.  11/2014