Places - South Africa. 1977 - 1988
new flag
old flag
Jackass penguins.
First aircraft flown solo - good old "Kilo Kilo Uniform",
with Cape Town in the background.
First Flight Instructor -
Mr. Pieter Wesselman.
University of Cape Town.
Electrical Engineering Degree, 1984.
"Cape of Good Hope" - looking North.

The end of Africa, myth has it that the
Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet exactly
here. Regardless, nothing between here
and Antarctica except the Southern Ocean.
Some countries names have changed.  

When I lived here Namibia was called South West Africa.

Mozambique was formerly Lorenzo Marques and  
Rhodesia became Zimbabwe - currently (8/2008)
in financial ruins.  

Angola is still Angola. Strife, oil, and blood diamonds.
"There are a hundred places to start for there are a hundred
names -  Mwanza,  Serengeti,  Nungwe,  Molo,  Nakuru....."  
                                   Beryl Markham, "West With The Night".
"Cape of Good Hope" - looking South.
L to R:  Iain, Karyn, Glynn, me.
This photo probably taken in Lesotho,
Southern Africa, on a motorcycle trip.
(Student days, early 1980's).
University of Cape Town (again).
Sandy.  1/2012
South Africa,  1/2012.
Postcript 2012
  Nelson Mandela
     1918 - 2013

Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika