"Another damned thick, square book. Always scribble scribble scribble, eh Mr. Gibbon?"
                                                                            Lord Wellington, on receiving his autographed copy
                                                                            of Gibbon's "Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire".

“Jupiter’s Travels”, Ted Simon.                                      Around the world on a motorcycle.

“Dove”, Robin Lee Graham.                                            Account of a solo voyage by a sixteen year old. Sailing around the world.

"South America On A Shoestring",  Lonely Planet.      Guide to budget travel.

"In Patagonia",  Bruce Chatwin.                                      A wonderful travel book about the tip of South America.

“Digging Up Butch And Sundance”, Anne Meadows.   Wandering South America on the trail of the legendary outlaws.

"Blue Latitudes", Tony Horwitz.                                      An excursion around the Pacific, following in the footsteps of Captain Cook.


"Kill Devil Hill",  Larry Combs.                                   How the Wright brothers succeeded in solving the problems of powered flight.

“West with the Night”,  Beryl Markham.                   A pilot's memoir of a life well lived. Includes a lot of flying in Africa.

“Fate is the Hunter”,  Ernest K. Gann.                     Autobiographical, although reads like an adventure novel of a lifetime spent flying.

“Island in the Sky”,  Ernest K. Gann.                        An account of the events following the forced landing of an aircraft near Labrador.

“Wind, Sand and Stars”,  Antoine de Saint-Exupery.  Perhaps one of the loveliest works ever written about flying.

“Night Flight”,  Antoine de Saint-Exupery.                  The early days of air-mail flying in Argentina.

“Stranger to the Ground”,  Richard Bach.                  Flying alone, an Air National Guard pilot crosses Europe on a stormy night.

“Nothing by Chance”,  Richard Bach.                         An account of a summer spent trying to recreate a 1920's "flying circus".

“Biplane”,  Richard Bach.                                             Across America in an antique biplane.

"North Star Over my Shoulder",  Bob Buck.               A pilot's memoir of a lifetime spent in the sky.

"A Pirate Looks At Fifty",  Jimmy Buffet.                     Bopping around the Caribbean in a Grumman Albatross seaplane.

"Zero 3 Bravo",  Mariana Gosnell                                  Across America, solo in an antique taildragger.


"The Poetry of Pablo Neruda".                                         "I want to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees".

“Autobiography of Values”,  Charles A. Lindbergh        Reflections on a life and the future.

"Death in the Afternoon",  Ernest Hemingway.               Fear, courage and the traditions of Spanish bullfighting.


"Cry, The Beloved Country",  Alan Paton.        Growing up in apartheid South Africa.

“Something of Value”,  Robert Ruark.               The Mau-Mau uprising in Kenya.

"The Dogs of War",  Frederick Forsyth.             Mercenaries in West Africa.


"Black Hawk Down", Mark Bowden.        The 1993 nightmare operation in Mogadishu.

“Dispatches”,  Michael Herr.                     Vietnam.

“House to House”,  David Bellavia.          Iraq.

“The Killer Angels”,  Michael Shaara.     American Civil War.

"Culloden",  John Prebble.                       The last battle fought on British soil and the end of the Scottish rebellions.